Individualized sight word practice with assessment

WordPract at McKinley Elementary School

WordPract gives my students valuable sight word practice while keeping them independent so I can work with a small group of students.

Sarah, Kindergarten Teacher, McKinley Elementary School

Students listen to spoken words and identify them on fun images of balloons, animals, and vehicles in the WordPract Student app.

Choose your words, record your voice, and collect data on which words students correctly identify in the WordPract Teacher app.

WordPract Teacher app

WordPract Teacher Results

Teacher app displays results as students identify words.

WordPract Teacher Results

See how each student identified words.

WordPract Teacher Results

Categorize students according to how many words identified correctly.

WordPract Teacher Words

Add, edit, and delete words.

WordPract Student app

WordPract Student Sign In

When signing in, students select themselves from a list showing their images and names.

WordPract Student Sign In

Students enter a password verifying sign-in.

WordPract Student Select Game Objects

Students select which game objects to use: balloons, animals, or vehicles. Different objects produce different sound effects.

WordPract Student Balloons


WordPract Student Animals


WordPract Student Vehicles


Download WordPract

WordPract is available for iPad and iPhone

Download WordPract Teacher app
Download WordPract Teacher
Download WordPract Student app
Download WordPract Student

Demo WordPract

Login to WordPract with the demo account to see a sample classroom with students, words, and results.

After downloading WordPract Teacher and WordPract Student, sign in with the demo account:
Teacher email: demo@classpract.com
Teacher password: demodemo

In WordPract Student select any student for sign-in. Each student's password is the lowercase version of the first letter of the student name. For example:
Student name: Ava
Student password: a