Individualized addition and subtraction practice with assessment

MathPract at McKinley Elementary School

I like the instant, real time feedback I get from MathPract. I can see the patterns of mistakes and make quick corrections to get the kids back on track.

Michelle, Kindergarten Teacher, McKinley Elementary School

Students can choose to solve equations using a number line or counters on a ten frame in the MathPract Student app.

Enter equations, see answers and which aids students used in the MathPract Teacher app.

MathPract Teacher app

MathPract Teacher Results

Teacher app displays results as students answer equations.

MathPract Teacher Results

See how each student responded to equations.

MathPract Teacher Results

Categorize students according to how many equations answered correctly.

MathPract Teacher Equations

Add, edit, and delete equations.

MathPract Student app

MathPract Student Sign In

When signing in, students select themselves from a list showing their images and names.

MathPract Student Sign In

Students enter a password verifying sign-in.

MathPract Student Number Line

Number line can be used as a solving aid.

MathPract Student Counters

Counters can be used as a solving aid.

MathPract Student Keyboard

A numeric keypad prevents typing mistakes.

Download MathPract

MathPract is available for iPad and iPhone

Download MathPract Teacher app
Download MathPract Teacher
Download MathPract Student app
Download MathPract Student

Demo MathPract

Login to MathPract with the demo account to see a sample classroom with students, equations, and results.

After downloading MathPract Teacher and MathPract Student, sign in with the demo account:
Teacher email:
Teacher password: demodemo

In MathPract Student select any student for sign-in. Each student's password is the lowercase version of the first letter of the student name. For example:
Student name: Ava
Student password: a