Making, giving, and correcting assessments is time-consuming

Teachers need timely updates on student progress. The traditional methods of formal assessments — creating, copying, administering, and correcting the assessment — is tedious and time-consuming. ClassPract apps reduce time spent writing, and eliminate printing, copying, and correcting time. You spend your time on more important aspects of teaching:

  • crafting the assessment and using the results to guide future instruction;
  • deciding what to assess and applying the results to improve student learning;
  • devoting attention to the rest of the class during the assessment.


Individualized addition and subtraction practice with assessment

Students can choose to solve equations using a number line or counters on a ten frame in the MathPract Student app.

Enter equations, see answers and which aids students used in the MathPract Teacher app.



Individualized sight word practice with assessment

Students listen to spoken words and identify them on fun images of balloons, animals, and vehicles in the WordPract Student app.

Choose your words, record your voice, and collect data on which words students correctly identify in the WordPract Teacher app.


ClassPract on the Web

Cross-platform functionality on your interactive whiteboard, tablet, desktop, and phone

Capture students' attention with photos for random selection during lessons and dismissals.

View MathPract and WordPract results immediately. Manage your classroom and students.


Designed for teachers

Tools to make you more awesome

Share your classroom across apps

Configure classroom and students one time. Classroom and students appear in other ClassPract apps.

Real-time results

Watch results appear instantaneously as students respond.

Data safely stored

Your data is saved and protected in the cloud.

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